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The St. Lucia Medical and Dental Association (SLMDA) is a locally registered non-government, non-profit organization which has been in existence for over 35 years

Membership in the association is made up of locally registered medical practitioners including those non resident, any medical association or similar body established outside of St. Lucia, locally registered medical students and honorary members who are determined by the executive of the SLMDA. The SLMDA is a registered trade union and functions primarily as the voice and conscience of medical practitioners and has a current membership made up of competent, well trained and practicing professionals. The Association has a clean and solid, legal and institutional base from which to pursue its objectives, which in the main are to:

  • Promote the medical and allied sciences
  • Promote better health education of the community
  • Defend the integrity and professional freedom of the medical profession
  • Assist the medical profession individually, in the articulation of broad social and human purposes
  • Encourage and defend the members of the medical profession, in the exercise of their full rights as citizens
  • Promote the material interests of the medical profession and especially to secure the conditions that will make it possible for them to render to their society, the best professional services possible.
  • Obtain for the medical profession, the opportunity to participate actively at all levels, in the formulation of national medical health policies in St. Lucia.
  • Co-Operate with Governments, Universities, Foundations and any organization in any endeavour designed to improve the health standards of St. Lucia
  • Establish and strengthen ties between the St. Lucia Medical & Dental Association and to establish and maintain facilities for continuing medical education, research and other such activities
  • Sponsor and support medical conferences and to encourage better relations and understanding among members of the medical profession
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