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  1. Respect
    Physicians must pay full respect at all times and in all circumstances to persons they are attending!
  2. Relevance
    Patients have the right to receive relevant information about their own medical condition and its management.
  3. Full Consent
    Treatment and other forms of medical intervention to patients who have to capacity to consent should not be undertaken without their full, face and informed consent
  4. Trust
    Information obtained in the physician/patient relationship must be regarded as strictly confidential
  5. Competence
    Physicians in active practice must maintain competence in practice at all times and must ensure that they never expose patients to unnecessary risks.
  6. Readiness to Serve
    Physicians must do all they can to assist at medical emergencies.
  7. Vulnerable Groups
    The obligation of a physician to provide medical care for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups must be upheld. Physicians should endeavor to identify the cause of ill health in such groups and draw attention to the need to alleviate them.
  8. Health-centered
    Attendance by physicians to persons held in detention must always be conducted in the best interest of their health
  9. Care
    Care must be taken not to compromise the interest of the patients when carrying out examinations or supplying reports at the request of third parties
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