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Membership Benefits
  1. Free access to the brand new SLMDA website: mention on list of members, publications, professional development resources
  2. Continuing Education: Free monthly CEs and major annual conference discounted for members. Priority at members-only events.
  3. Health Insurance Group Medical Plan
  4. Malpractice Insurance offered with no additional charge for bank wiring fee; a fee of approximately $105 ECD absorbed by the SLMDA
  5. Negotiations/Trade Union Representation
  6. Opportunities for postgraduate training
  7. Awards and recognition by peers
  8. Membership fee  for the association is tax deductable
  9. Employment support- Provide relevant support for employees( public servants and private sector members) for query\support\complaints regarding contract, pay issues, leave entitlement, working relationships, rotas or discrimination.
  10. Amalgamated discounted card comprising of predetermined discounts granted to members upon presentation of discount card when transacting business\purchase at  local institutions including but not limited to drug store, retail and wholesale stores  of pertinence to the profession, utility companies. Similar effort already achieved by associations such as NWU.
  11. 11. Social events discounted  for members.
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